In this era of social media usage and how there are no checks or cross checks of information before people start believing in such stories has created a need for fact checking of such stories.

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Recently a report was given that students of IMSU were being raided and arrested by the Nigerian military but funny enough there has been absolutely no picture or video to back up this claim yet people believed it.

This trended on Twitter last night with a lot of people asking questions for sake of clarity and fact finding in the midst of the fear mongering.

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Some people who are in Owerri and also students of IMSU decided to debunk the story because it was indeed false but as we all know, lies run faster than the truth and gets far more attention than the truth in Nigeria.

Here is a Fact Check on the said IMSU raid. It has been found to be FALSE as the attached tweets from students confirmed.

Twitter user @Claver_effect who is an IMSU student and from Owerri confirmed the falsehood in his tweet and so did @Chibuezeejiofor who directly contacted the Student hostel President to find out what happened but was told it was totally false.

Please in as much as we are eager for news let us at least try to carry out fact finding before running around with fake news.


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