This article contains some of the commonly used abbreviations on social media and what they actually mean 

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Social media users consist of three groups of people, the big fans of abbreviations, the partial users and those that do not use them at all.
 The big fans of social media abbreviations are those that always use abbreviations while typing.
 They always use them even if they are to type a 2-letter word, they prefer shortening it to a single alphabet rather than completely writing the two letters.
Secondly, the partial users are those that use it when needed, most especially when they are to type long words. However, it’s easier for them to upgrade to the list of top abbreviation users than those that do not use it at all.
Lastly, there are these users that don’t like typing with abbreviations. This may be because they don’t want their spellings to get affected or because they don’t know the meanings of most of the abbreviations.
Here are some of the commonly used abbreviations on social media and their meanings:
2- To, too and two
C- See
2DAY- Today
B- Be
B4- Before
BF- Boyfriend
BT- But
D8- Date
GF- Girlfriend
CUL- See you later
UR- Your
ASAP- As soon as possible
L8- Late
GR8- Great
PLS- Please
F8- Fate
LMAO- Laughing my ass off
AMA- Ask me anything
NVM- Never mind
LMK- Let me know
OH- Overheard
LOL- Laughing out loud
NBD- No big deal
OMW- On my way
NM- Not much
PPL- People
OMG- Oh my God
WTF- What the fuck
TBT- Throwback Thursday
TBH-To be honest
IRL- In real life
IDK- I don’t know
IDC- I don’t care
FF- Follow friday
BAE- Before anyone else
BFF- Best friends forever
FYI- For your information
ICYMI- In case you missed it
ILY- I love you
WBW- Way back Wednesday
TL;DR- Too long; didn’t read
TGIF- Thank God it’s Friday
IMO- In my opinion
FBF- Flashback Friday
DYK- Do you know
BTS- Behind the scene
BRB- Be right back
SMH- Shaking my head
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