Pidgin is a kind of remixed English popularly spoken in Warri and other states in the middle belt. Most people find it funny when they hear the language especially when spoken by pidgin experts.

We will take a look at some commonly used pidgin slangs and what they actually mean.

Which level: What happened?
Blast: slap
Fly: Run
Kasala: problem.
Lock up: forget about it
Fiver: 500 naira

Okpo: prostitute

Sky: 50 naira, looking at the note, it has the colour of the sky.

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Green 20 naira, just according to it’s colour

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Red: 10 naira, named after it’s colour

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1skin, 2skin: Skin means thousand, 1 skins is 1 thousand, 2 skin is 2 thousand and so on

Kpokpo/blacki: the Police.

Arm robber motor: Big trouble

U nor know the character: do you understand?

How e be: this is used to ask of the progress of what you have previously discussed

Put am 4 kpelebe: run

I go fall in: i will visit you!

Make i reach bonk: I’m going home.

make I Lem/wack: i want to eat

U don baf: who are you?

Yan opata:  this is used when someone talks anyhow.

Head burn: broke

Doke: This term is used for that thing my and daddy use to do… Lol

Warri wolf: A lady that walks too much

Shooo: for real!

kpror: quiet

High voltage: you too much

Okpokpais:  witch

1H 2H… 9H: 100 naira, 200 naira… 900 naira.

There are many other slangs. Make I just leave am like this, you too can add yours… Lol

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