Pastor Bunmi Salami of the Transformers International Christian Centre, a church in Gbagada with worship centres in Lekki, Opebi, Gbagada, VI, UNILAG, Ikorodu, has revealed what she passed through at the start of her Ministry along with her husband.

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She revealed that she got pregnant but unfortunately, she had Ectopic Pregnancy, meaning, she had her pregnancy outside the Uterus (outside her womb). She carried the pregnancy for 18 months, instead of the normal 9 months duration.

Read excepts from her interview with Seye Kehinde: My first assignment actually began in the Ministry the year I had my girl. My girl is now 19 years.

That was when I actually had my 1st assignment. That was the 1st church we floated and I had to go on assignment. That was in Bariga area before we came to Gbagada here.

And that was when I had my 1st assignment, though I have had other assignments before like you have people given to you to grow them in 6 months. So, I was growing people. My G.O. will give you like 60 people and you are to turn it into 100. So, we would train them and work on them. After growing them, they will give me another group, until one day when he said he wants me to go and work outside. And funnily enough, I was sent on assignment for the 1st time in my life as a Pastor with a complicated issue of pregnancy. Maybe that was why I came up with the Basket.

I carried my baby for 18 months and then when my G.O said I should go for an assignment I just said you know about my case, sir. He said the Lord knows about it. So, I entered the Ministry with a very big problem but I told the Lord. I will not stay in my house for one day.

I will be preaching the Gospel until I have this child. I remember I preached every day for 18 months and then I had the child. They called the kind of pregnancy I had Ectopic Pregnancy. When it got to the time, we didn’t go to the clinic.

We didn’t go and see anybody about it. We just prayed and Doctor said you don’t survive Ectopic, you will bleed to death. I said I will survive it. And I survived.How did that experience of carrying 18-month pregnancy make you feel?

It shaped me a lot. In the 1st place, it made me stronger in the Lord, because of that experience I fast every day of my life. No 2, I came away with the feeling that God is mighty. When I went to do the scan, the lady doing the scan was crying.

She said you can’t survive. You have a big mass outside your uterus, you are going to bleed to death. She said, two, even if there is a Surgery or Caesarian Section you are not going to survive. I said, me, I will survive it. And I did survive.

Then, I became a Pastor. I was pastoring in church. I was active. I never missed any programme. I had no car. I will move from Abule Egba to Gbagada every day, 4 times a week and I will get home around 11 pm or midnight and I became stronger in the Lord. I was preaching all along and I told the Lord, I have a Covenant with you.

As far as you can let me have my baby alive, I will tell the whole world how powerful you are. If made me stronger. And I remember that when I was praying for the child, there was a day I was praying and I had a revelation I saw that the baby girl I was going to have will be tall, dark-skinned girl. And that was what happened. The girl today is a tall girl. .Wow. That is my 4th born. Then we had a boy as the 5th. The birth of that one was a Miracle.

We didn’t see the pregnancy at all. And we had him. That encounter made me know that God is mighty, powerful. During that time was when I went to Reinhard Bonkee Crusade. I remember, on the last day of Reinhard Bonkee Crusade, I was lying on the couch in the church.

I lived in the church then. My G.O was like Olubunmi, why are you here? I said sir, I can’t even stand up. He said go and finish your job, jare. Go and do your work. I said I am bleeding. He said does God know you are bleeding? Go. My team led 5,000 people to that crusade. I went.

Nobody in my team knew I was bleeding. I went and came back and I continued my job. Suddenly I felt movement inside me and I went back to the clinic and they told me that there is a baby there. The doctor said the baby that was outside the Uterus is no longer outside, it is now inside the womb. I said wow!

And I had the baby. One afternoon, when the doctor was not even around, it was a nurse that was on duty. And the baby came out with a chord all around her neck. And myself and husband said, give us a scissor, we would help you to cut it.

And we did. When the doctor came, he said it in Yoruba, omo ti on dodge. The baby that was dodging. We didn’t see you for months but we knew the baby was there. I had her in a miraculously simple way. I had her, stood up & left.

There was no surgery done. No CS done. No bleeding. And there is no baby I have had that I did not go to church the next day. So, that baby came. She came on a Friday, and I went back to church on Sunday. The other one, Miracle, came on Sunday and I preached that Sunday. I feel that encounter of 18 months pregnancy gave me the Grace to serve God the more.

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